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The Final Countdown Tamil Pdf Download

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A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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original title: The Final Countdown

genge: Action,Sci-Fi

duration: 1h 43min

tags: On December 7, 1980 --- The nuclear carrier USS Nimitz disappeared in the Pacific...and reappeared December 6, 1941...the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour

budget: $12,000,000

keywords: aircraftcarrier, tragedy, japaneseabroad, japaneseman, pacificocean, navalship, blackhair, safereturnhome, past, historicalevent, flyinganairplane, openingadoor, visit, dilemma, tropicalsetting, pacif

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A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The USS Nimitz, a modern-day nuclear aircraft carrier, is drawn through a time warp from 1980 to a couple days before the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor, and the crew must decide whether to launch a preemptive strike against the incoming Japanese carrier fleet with their more advanced air wing, or allow history to take its course, which might not happen since they had rescued Senator Chapman, who disappeared shortly before the attack, from his death. Many people who saw this back in 1980 came away disliking it since the trailers and TV commercials made it look like a modern aircraft carrier took on the Japanese navy. There is in fact only one real action sequence that brought cheers to the theater I saw this in when a certain line of dialog was spoken.

Assuming that you're seeing this because you want a good dram of the science fiction variety I heartily recommend you watch this film. Its a very good movie in the "what if..." genre of films. Best of all, it plays rather straight with what might have happened had this sort of thing actually occurred.

If one must quibble then I have to agree that things are not that far removed from what would now be considered a TV movie. Also there are a few plot points that don't make a whole heck of a lot of sense. I'd like to explain but it would reveal too much.

This is a popcorn movie of the highest order, so if you're smart you'll go get some and watch this good little film. The Final Countdown starts the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier as she departs from pearl Harbour in 1980, Captain Matthew Yelland (Kirk Douglas) is in charge of a training exercise but the Nimitz sails through a strange storm which transport the carrier & everyone on board back to December 15th. The Captain & crew quickly realise this fact & also realise the significance of the date as the 15th December was the eve of the Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese during World War II, Captain Yelland must decide whether to intervene & defeat the Japanese & risk changing all of recorded history or whether to stand by & do nothing...

Directed by Don Taylor this is an interesting sci-fi fantasy drama that is hard to categorise & while the potential was here for something special I personally think The Final Countdown falls somewhat short. Credited with four screenwriters time travel had rarely been tackled in an intelligent or thought provoking way before in cinema, the majority of films to feature the concept of time travel merely used either the past or future to set some sort of adventure in & I suspect it was the makers intention to add a little thought to the idea. At 100 odd minutes The Final Countdown starts off briskly enough & the Nimitz & crew are stuck in 1941 fairly quickly & then the debate begins & the real point of the film is made, basically what if we could change history? Should we & what would the consequences be? The whole time paradox issue is brought up & things are discussed & debated & both sides of the argument are represented by old fashioned Commander Owens who believes things are what they are & cocky young office boy Lasky who sees immense possibilities in righting past mistakes, both men have their stand point & opinions & luckily the film never becomes too bogged down with hypothetical chit chat although that's not to say there isn't any because there is. The film moves along at a reasonable pace, while not exactly fast it maintains one interest through a strong story & some decent if restrained action. Now, the major talking point is the climax, the cop-out climax where no-one is forced to make any kind of decision which after investing an hour & forty minutes in it feels a little bit of a let down. The character's are quite well balanced with opinions & views, surprisingly not every naval officer wants to go to war & the dialogue is pretty good too.

The one aspect that really adds to The Final Countdown was that it was actually shot on the USS Nimitz which gives it amazing authenticity, the real crew were used in shots & the makers were allowed to film training exercises & the like. This really looks authentic because basically it is. Apparently footage from the Pearl Harbour war film Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) was edited into The Final Countdown presumably to cut costs or to represent scenes they were unable to film. The special effects are pretty poor, the storm effects in particular look very dated. The aircraft flying scenes however look good & were probably mostly real except for a few model shots.

Filmed in the Atlantic Ocean on the real USS Nimitz, Virginia & Florida the film looks good with the actual Nimitz location invaluable, I doubt set makers could have done anywhere near as convincing a job. The cult song The Final Countdown by Eruope is not featured anywhere, bummer. There's a good cast on show including Kirk Douglas, James Farentino, Katharine Ross, Charles Durning & Martin Sheen who in this really looks almost exactly like the way his son Charlie would during his mid to late 80's films.

The Final Countdown is a sci-fi fantasy drama that tried to experiment with the time travel concept & was one of the first to explore the consequences & decisions surrounding it but a seriously none event of a climax & a slightly slow pace may leave some frustrated, an interesting & watchable curiosity but not a must see. It's briefly discussed in the film but it deals with the paradox of time travel itself. How could they go back and prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor? Because if they had done that, then the attack never happened. If it had never happened they wouldn't have needed to try and stop it. Also rescuing Senator Chapman, they saved him from the fate of being strafed and killed by the Zeroes, however he wound up accidentally blowing himself up as a result. Therefore he never lived to be Roosevelt's running mate as he never made it past that day alive. As far as everyone in 1941 was concerned, his yacht sank and he went missing and only those aboard the Nimitz knew what actually happened. Therefore even if one tries to alter history, the paradox of time travel prevents this from happening. No, Japanese mini-subs also attacked Pearl Harbour which would have been more than enough to bring the US into the war. Japan also attacked US territories such as the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island in addition to Pearl Harbour. Also it would only have been the first wave of several airstrikes.


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